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hi guys, so I know not all of you are in the US/going to the VIXX concert but those of us who are are getting majorly fucked over and I’m attempting to spread the word about it and force this company to make changes, so please reblog this if you can (i am also including their contact information at the end of this so feel free to contact them about this bs if you want)

  • if you are attending the New York show, you must spend over $750 to get ANY signed merchandise
  • New York’s highest ticket price is literally $1000 dollars (yes, it comes with a lot, but there have been many other shows from other artists with similar benefits that have cost nothing close to that)
  • people at the Chicago show were given one day of advance notice that ticket prices would be on sale, and NO information ahead of time what the tickets would include
  • so the Starlight Dream Package (now known to include just merchandise) was thrown at us literally the second tickets went on sale and created a ton of confusion
  • the only people in Chicago that are getting hi touch are those in the first tier of seats, but we were not told this ahead of time
  • due to the starlight package, some people sitting in the second tier of seats are paying quite a bit more than those in first tier and still do not get hi touch (for example, buying front row tickets cost $235 with no Starlight Dream Package. I bought the second tier priced seats only because I was confused about the package and got thrown off, but I ended up going for the package, and I am paying $275 for no hi touch)
  • we have just been told by this company that’s bringing VIXX, Limelight Entertainment, that we are not getting as many perks because VIXX has to leave for NY right after the Chicago show, although they were the ones that scheduled the shows with no days in between.
  • people in New York are getting more for their tickets than Chicago concertgoers: anyone paying over $200 in New York gets a hi touch, while many of us paid over that and do not

whether you are attending these shows or not, it would mean a lot to us that are if you could spread the word about this or even contact Limelight about it. If we don’t, they will continue to get away with this in future shows and it’s really unfair. Here is their Facebook, Twitter, and their phone number is 917-942-0691. Thank you for anything you can do, Starlights. <3


You know when you need to practice speaking a language but you don’t want to speak it in front of native speakers because you’re worried they will judge you for your poor grammar skills and limited vocabulary

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아이언 (Iron) – 독기


SMTM3 Semi-finals: Iron - 독기

Jinyoung has had enough of Mark’s teasing


34/ "Dad and Son" moments

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